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We are specialist business consultants for subscription-based publishers and experts in subscription marketing and circulation modelling techniques, and selecting and using subscription fulfilment systems.

Established in 1984, we have helped our client list of hundreds of publishers around the world to increase their subscription volumes, revenues and profits.

We have carried out more than 400 consulting projects for all types of magazine, newspaper, journal and web-based information publishers.  Our clients have won the PPA subscription magazine of the year award seven years running.

We are one of the leading suppliers of subscription marketing training, having trained over 2,000 staff in Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australia.

Consultancy advice
Maximise the financial returns from your subscription marketing programmes.  Improve the effectiveness of your IT systems for subscriptions management.

Subscription marketing training
Train your subscription marketing staff using our tried-and-tested case study approach. Our training workshops use real data and quizzes, not theory and endless PowerPoint slides.

Circulation modelling software
Use our Excel models to identify the most profitable circulation development strategies:

The Weaver Publishing Model calculates subscription volume, revenue, profit and cash flow forecasts quickly and accurately.  The Weaver Subscription Lifetime Value Model determines the most profitable way of investing your subscription acquisition budgets. 


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